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The Mount Holyoke College Media Lab is an interdisciplinary space for technology exploration. Students from across campus come together here to study and work on creative projects in new media.

Inspired by similar endeavors and by a post on temporary architecture, we decided to create a “pop up” Media Lab on a shoestring budget. The adaptive reuse of the old slide library was such a success that in 2012 the Media Lab was made permanent.

Today the Media Lab hosts classes on digital art and architecture, student group meetings, research instruction sessions, and more. Students can use the large format printers, scanners, vinyl cutter, copy stand, video conversion deck, and film splicing equipment at all hours through keycard access.

The Lab is staffed by 8-10 students from diverse backgrounds and majors, including Art, Computer Science, Physics, Architecture, and Neuroscience. Supervised by a LITS Liaison, these students maintain the lab, assist other students, and participate in projects to explore uses of new technologies for teaching and learning.

The purpose of this blog is to share the results of some of these technology explorations, and to build a body of knowledge around low-cost, low-threshold tools for teaching and working with cutting-edge technology.

We hope you’ll join us!