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Apple Blossoms Emerge

It took until mid-May this year for the crab apple tree outside the Media Lab to blossom, and our time lapse camera was ready. This video shows two-hour windows of time from subsequent days, racing forward from winter to spring, before lingering for several days as the tree finally blooms. Watch for the limbs to droop at 1:33 as a passing shower weighs them down.


Congratulations Grinspoon Award Winners!

Congratulations to Andreea and Sophia on their winning entry in the Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Award! Their submission of Triggy, the automatic camera trigger, was recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit and exemplary business plan.

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About to Bloom

We’ve been watching the crab apple tree outside the window of the Media Lab for months now and it’s finally putting out some buds! In past years this tree has bloomed in mid-April, but the cold spring has delayed it. When it (finally) blooms we’ll post the time lapse video.

Triggy, The Automatic Camera Trigger

Triggy is an Arduino-based, open source intervalometer which is capable of using the infrared trigger on Nikon cameras to take photos at regular and dynamic intervals. We used a simplified version of Triggy to create the forsythia time lapse movie. You could build more complicated projects by adding additional code and hardware.

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