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Welcome to the Makerspace!

I’m pleased to announce that the new campus Makerspace is temporarily moving in with us in the Media Lab in Art 211. For news and information about the Media Lab and the Makerspace, please follow us on theĀ makerspace blog.


Apple Blossoms Emerge

It took until mid-May this year for the crab apple tree outside the Media Lab to blossom, and our time lapse camera was ready. This video shows two-hour windows of time from subsequent days, racing forward from winter to spring, before lingering for several days as the tree finally blooms. Watch for the limbs to droop at 1:33 as a passing shower weighs them down.

Rebuilding Paris with SketchUp

Last fall, students in Michael Davis’ Digital Paris course took part in an experiment to see how 3D modelling might shed light on Gothic architecture. Working from schematic drawings, students extruded simple cross sections into columns, arches, bases and tracery. Today, students can get help with SketchUp during staffed hours at the Media Lab or by appointment.

Lusha Sun's recreation of the Chapter House at the Church of the Cordeliers

Lusha Sun’s recreation of the Chapter House at the Church of the Cordeliers

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The Cell Phone Zone

Emil and Andreea put the vinyl cutter to good use last fall with their winning entry in the design competition for a cell phone zone in the library. By reimagining an old phone booth with a Doctor Who theme, they created a friendly space for students to take a break and chat. Come see it for yourself on the 6th floor of our “venerable yet hip” library.

About to Bloom

We’ve been watching the crab apple tree outside the window of the Media Lab for months now and it’s finally putting out some buds! In past years this tree has bloomed in mid-April, but the cold spring has delayed it. When it (finally) blooms we’ll post the time lapse video.