Image/face swaps

Honestly my most favorite thing to do in Photoshop is mess around with my friends and put their faces onto different bodies. Today, we’re going to put my friend Steven’s face onto Marilyn Monroe’s body. Why? Truly the real question would be Why not. 

Here’s the images we’ll be working with:


Steven looking marvelous. Dashing.



This image of Marilyn in the iconic pose.

First thing you’ll want to do is open both images in Photoshop. Keep in mind that this is just how I do it, but you can mess around with the tools and adjustments to your liking until you find something that works for you. 

I like to use the Lasso tool to make a rough selection around Steven’s face



Then you’ll want to copy and paste your selection into the window containing your stock photo of Marilyn. I like to hold down CTRL+C (command+C on Mac) and then CTRL+V to paste it. You’ll want to right click the selection in the new window and select Free Transform. That way, you can easily move and adjust the selection.



Position the head roughly proportional to the body for now. We’ll get into detailed work soon. Now, you can put the previous tutorial on Layer Masks to work. Having your head layer selected, click on the Layer Mask button Image


Making sure you have the Layer mask thumbnail selected, go ahead and paint in black what you want to hide of the selection, so it’s not as rough, but without deleting the pixels in case you mess up and need to go back easily. When you’re happy with the way it looks, it’s time to get to better arranging the head on the body. I like to decrease the opacity of the head layer until I can see what the real head looks like underneath, but I can still see details of the new one. 



This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Better get to fixing it quickly. Using the Free Transform option I was talking about earlier, it’s time to resize the head so it’s not five times the size it should be. make sure you have your proportions locked.Image


If you right click your selection after hitting Free Transform, you will get multiple options of adjusting your layer. Use Rotate and Scale in order to better fit the photo. If you’re feeling brave, use the other options such as Distort or Warp to better suit your needs. 



When you’re happy with how the head is positioned and you’re done laughing, time to clean around the edges. In my example, you can see that Steven’s hair is much darker than Marilyn’s, and I prefer his better. So what I’m going to do is color over Marilyn’s hair in the color of the background to hide it. After that what I like to do is see what Photoshop can do for me in terms of color matching. 



After messing around with those settings, and also going into Levels a little bit, I ended up with my final result, which by no means is perfect, but it makes for a good gag photo to laugh at. 



I hope you had fun learning how to mess around in Photoshop some more! There’s many other things you can do to make this better, but for the sake of keeping this tutorial short, I’ve kept it pretty basic. Enjoy!


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