Change background of a photo


Changing background of a photo is an easy, fun trick of photoshop. Using Lasso Tool to extract necessary part of image is one basic skill of photoshop and it is extremely helpful in photo processing.

Suppose we have two separate pictures:


and this is how it looks in the end:


Wondering how it is done? Below is the detailed tutorial, the tools involved may come in handy in basic photoshop manipulating

First, open the two individual pictures in PS

Then select ‘Polygonal Lasso Tool‘ on the left side tool bar.(Note Polygonal Lasso Tool is in the sub menu of ‘Lasso Tool’)


Extract the image by clicking consecutively along the human figure, you may want to be as precise as possible, as following


Move the selected image to the background picture, and scale it proportionately


Enlarge the pictures, notice the little area, obviously we need to get rid of that.


Again, use Polygonal Lasso Tool to get the area and press ‘DELETE’ , the selected area will disappear and reveal the background


Press ‘CTRL+D’ to cancel selection, and then ‘CTRL+0’ to restore the original image size

Now, TAH-DAH~ You are done! Simple, right?






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