How to color a black and white photo using Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to color in a black and white photo using Adobe Photoshop

Here is an example of an old wedding picture I colored in for someone:


You can also create a funky image like this one:


WATCH THE TUTORIAL HERE (it’s 5 minutes long)


Don’t have 5 minutes?
Here are the basic steps:

1. Open image
The background layer is the black and white image that you’ll be coloring. Leave this layer alone

2. Create a new Layer

3. Change the mode of the layer from Normal mode to Color mode
To access this option, go to the Layers PANEL and look for the drop-down menu that says Normal.
Find Color in this drop-down menu and click on it to change the mode

4. Select a Color
The color you select is what it will look like when you brush it over a dark, almost-black shade

5. Use the Brush tool (B) to paint in the Color Layer you’ve created
Made a mistake and painted over something you didn’t want to? Simply use the Eraser Tool (E)

6. Continue painting until you’re done!

7. Save as a Photoshop document (.psd) in case you want to edit your color layers

8. For sharing, you’ll want to also save a FLATTENED copy of the image as a .jpg or .png or .gif, etc
Merge all the layers into 1 layer by selecting Layer in the navigation bar (up top) and go to Flatten Image
Save this file

* Create new layers for each color, or segment of the photo
* To layer colors, create overlapping Color Layers and then adjust the Opacity of the top Layer
* Name your layers to avoid confusion!
* To make one piece of an image pop, only color in the aspect you want to highlight and leave the rest black and white!


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