Creating a 3-D Animation of a 3-D SketchUp Model

After you’ve created a 3-D model in SketchUp, maybe you want to show it off or use it as part of a presentation. By creating a 3-D animation, you can display different aspects (angles, zoom levels, etc) of your masterpiece! Here’s a link to an example:

Animation works by SketchUp smoothly connecting arbitrarily selected “scenes” of your 3-D model:

  1. Make sure that certain settings are in place:
    Window > Model Info > Animation

    • Check off the box that says “Enable Scene Transitions”
    • Transition Time: speed up or slow down your
      animation transitions BETWEEN scenes
    • Slide Delay Time: amount of time the animation will PAUSE ON EACH SCENE before moving onto the next
  2. Position your view in the way that you want people to see it
    Use the Orbit, Pan, and Zoom tool to rotate, nudge, and zoom the view, respectively
  3. Go to View > Animation > Add Scene
    Notice that each time you add a scene, a button that says “Scene #“ appears. Clicking between these buttons will show you how SketchUp will smoothly transition between scenes.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have finished adding all the desired scenes
  5. After all your scenes have been created, click
    File > Export > Animation
  6. Save as > Format:

    • a Quicktime Movie (if on Mac)
    • an AVI (if on Windows)
  7. Next to Format, you can adjust the following Options:

    • Format
    • Width and Height
    • Frame Rate: in frames per second
    • Anti-Alias: Selecting this will double the time it takes to export, but the edges will come out nicer in the final movie
    • Transparent Background (the example selected this option)
  8. When you’re done selecting your options, click Export!

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