EyeBot makes friends!

On a visit to the media lab this month, the fifth graders were introduced to an old project of ours, EyeBot.

EyeBot uses iHart software to track faces in real-time. The software analyzes input from a webcam and deduces the position(s) of the person(s) standing in front of the camera and moves the “eyeball” (a lightbulb) according to these registrations. (For all Harry potter geeks, think Mad Eye Moody except on a computer).

EyeBot was the very first attraction for the kids as they walked into the lab, and they were delighted at the prospect of a literally “moving light bulb.” Their initial questions varied from “Is this really a robot?” and “How is it doing this” to “Can I make one at home?”

The kids were exposed to EyeBot as part of a lesson in the Media Lab about robots, who they are and what forms they might not take. They certainly loved performing for EyeBot and he certainly loved capturing them. Take a look!

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