Monthly Archives: April 2013

Printing with the Epson Stylus Pro 7900

The biggest machine we have in the Media Lab is the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer. It can be intimidating to approach, but have no fear! Follow these steps to print successfully and master the basics of large format printing from Photoshop. Continue reading


Triggy, The Automatic Camera Trigger

Triggy is an Arduino-based, open source intervalometer which is capable of using the infrared trigger on Nikon cameras to take photos at regular and dynamic intervals. We used a simplified version of Triggy to create the forsythia time lapse movie. You could build more complicated projects by adding additional code and hardware.

Triggy Wiring Diagram Continue reading

The Code Behind The Wiggles

Mr. Wiggles uses three servos and two types of sensors to achieve the functionality it currently has. Two servos are used to control the movement, and one is used to hold a pen to draw. To avoid obstacles, an ultrasonic range finder is employed, and it consistently reads the distance between Mr Wiggles and the closest obstacle. Once the distance gets smaller than the preset safety value, it turns. The direction of the turning is decided by photocell readings, which allows Mr. Wiggles to always move towards the brighter side when turning. Continue reading

Mr. Wiggles: The Prequel

If you’ve been following the progress of our interactive robot pet, Mr. Wiggles, this it where it all began. We built Mr. Wiggles 1.0 last spring.

He was equipped with an infrared distance sensor which allowed him to stop and back up when he sensed an obstacle in his path.  A servo controlling the direction of his front wheel allowed him to choose a new path direction at random so that he could continue his journey around the Media Lab. Continue reading