Fifth Grade Comes to Visit

The Fifth Grade class from Leverett Elementary came to visit the Media Lab yesterday, and we had a blast. They have been learning about robots from Scholastic News, and were really excited to see a few in action. The facial recognition robot was a big hit, and they got to see time lapse photography as well.

Mr. WigglesMr. Wiggles 3.0 made an appearance. He has ultrasonic range finding like a bat, a pair of light sensors like a horseshoe crab, and a magic marker for a tail. More on him in an upcoming post.

The class was also the first to try our new Stop Motion Animation Station, using motion sensing software to create a montage of all of their hands. The software is built on the iHart suite from the Computer Science department. It’s all open source, and we hope to see it spread to schools in the area soon.

Fifth Graders, what was the most interesting thing you saw on your visit to the Media Lab? Leave a comment below.

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